Sangiovese DOC di Predappio "Notturno" - Drei Donà


Additional information

  • Appellation: Romagna Sangiovese DOC
  • Grape: Sangiovese
  • Alcohol content: 13.5%
  • Format: 0.75l
  • Type: Red

Notturno is the truest expression of the Predappio area, cradle of Sangiovese since the ancient times of the Romans and the Etruscans

Notturno was the first horse that was born in the Drei Donà house, just as the wine of the same name was the first wine that was made in Palazza.

In the body of Notturno, the horse, there was all the force of nature, in his eyes all the love and sweetness for us who loved him, as well as the unfathomable depth of an atavistic knowledge that transcends human understanding. .

This wine was dedicated to him, reflecting the tranquility and pleasantness of a company that never tires

Notturno is a wine of great pleasure and with a balanced complexity that makes it an ideal companion for any meal. Nor does it disdain the combination with the typical “fish soup.

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